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Pharaoh time line – link

If you follow the link you will get to a picture of a time line were all pharaohs of the ancient Egypt Empire are listed.
The time line also shows the years in which they ruled and some pictures of the most important kings from certain periods.

(The picture is quiet big so it is not possible to post it here without making it so small that it is not readable anymore. Sorry for the inconvenience!)

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Acient egypt – a basic time line

A time line which shows when the different periods of the ancient Egypt Empire are staged.
It goes from the very first Egyptian settlements and civilizations to the last period of the empire when foreign emperors took over the kingdom.

  • 5500 – 2950 B.C–The PreDynastic Period
  • 2950 – 2649 B.C–The Early Dynastic Period
  • 2649 – 2125 B.C–The Old Kingdom Period
  • 2125 – 1975 B.C–The First Intermediate Period
  • 1975 – 1630 B.C–The Middle Kingdom Period
  • 1630 – 1539 B.C–The Intermediate Period
  • 1539 – 1075 B.C–The  New Kingdom Period
  • 1075 – 715 B.C— The Third Intermedia Period
  • 715 – 322 B.C–The Late Period
  • From 322 – 30 B.C–The Greeko-Roman Period
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